Malaysia: Langkawi

We have travelled From mainland Malaysia to Penang and now we end our trip in Langkawi. In this part of the country we find paradise. What a great way to end a fantastic trip!

This journey trough Malaysia started on mainland. Click here to read part 1 of my Malaysia travel blog or click here for part 2: Penang.

We left Penang early this morning. We have a great crossing over the Strait of Malacca, with a smooth sea and we an even sit outside in the sun (this is only possible in good weather). The water is not crystal clear, you can not see through. Along the way we come across many fishing boats, some sail by with large plumes of smoke. I guess not all boats are environment friendly yet.

When we arrive at Langkawi, it looks like we have arrived in paradise! The atmosphere is totally different from Penang. It looks peaceful and relaxed. We drive straight to Berjaya Langkawi Resort and are offered a tour around the property before we they serve us a delicious lunch. The people on Langkawi are very friendly and lucky that they live / work on this beautiful island. During lunch beautiful birds fly above our heads and monkeys and squirrels swing through the trees. What a beautiful place!

After lunch we drive to the north, to Tanjung Rhu Resort where we will spend the night in this very luxurious resort. Every day this trip keeps getting better and staying in this resort during our last night is just perfect. Tanjung Rhu Resort is located at one of the most beautiful beaches; I cannot wait to put my feet in the sand and water.

We thought we would have some free time this afternoon, but there is another surprise waiting for us! When we arrive at the resort we are being told that we have to change our clothes very quickly and bring our swimsuits, because we are offered a Sunset Dinner Cruise. YES! Everyone is enthusiastic after hearing this, so we check in quickly (in our beautiful spacious rooms) and put on our swimwear and beach outfit.

We get back on the bus which takes us to the south, to a little harbour from where we get a speed boat transfer to a now retired sailing yacht. The yacht only sails between the Langkawi archipelagos now. The weather is great, not too hot and we leave for an amazing Sunset Dinner Cruise. We pass beautiful green rock formations and stunning bays while enjoying 80’s music (one guilty pleasure after another). The crew is nuts, but I mean this in the most positive way and they create the best atmosphere you can have for a trip like this.

During the boat trip we can go into the sea, but there is a really strong current and you just cannot jump off the boat. You can lower yourself from a flight of stairs into a large net that drags you through the warm sea and many of the group do so. The sunset is beautiful and we enjoy it to the fullest. There is plenty of food to eat and enough drinks on board! We really cannot wish for anything more!

We return very relaxed mid-evening to our overnight hotel where I sleep like a baby. I do wake up very early in the morning though and decide to get up instead of just lazing around.

Day 8: last day in Langkawi

Today is the last day of our study trip through Malaysia, our last day on Langkawi. As usual I would love to stay longer, because this is paradise and there are so many things you can do only this island! You can go zip lining, go through the mangroves with a kayak, horse riding, etc.; the activities are too many to mention. This morning we relax though, there is nothing on our program. The beach right in front of the hotel is the most beautiful on Langkawi and the most beautiful beach I have seen so far in Malaysia.

From the beach (and from some rooms) there is a view over beautiful islands and you can even see Thailand. The beach is still deserted when I start walking and I walk as far as I can go. I come across beautiful shells, footprints of monitor lizards and at the end of the beach sea eagles and hornbills circle above my head. It is the ultimate moment of happiness for me and I need a moment to take it all in and even get a bit emotional. What a privilige to be here…

At some point I have to return for breakfast and after I join the rest of the group and we settle down on sun beds and just chill. I go for a swim in the wonderfully warm sea. Around noon we all have to go to our rooms to get changed and pack our suitcases. Before we check out we get a tour through the resort. I really love the wood workshop and the beautiful spa area. There is an impressive mangrove on the other side of the hotel and Tanjung Rhu is just a perfect place. We do not want to leave here any more!

But as the saying goes: all good things come to an end. We leave Tanjung Rhu and visit one more hotel, Meritus Pelangi, in the south-west of the island. I like this hotel very much. Tanjung Rhu may be more suitable for adult, Meritus Pelangi is also very suitable for families. It is set up spacious, the location is great… I will remember this hotel for my clients too! The restaurant where we have lunch is beautifully decorated and the food so delicious… OMG!

One thing is clear to me: Malaysia is a country for culinary enthusiasts, more than other Asian countries I have visited! One last lunch (and 5 kilos heavier) we are taken to the capital Kuah for a city tour. Kuah is not that big, but going to Eagle Square is a must! The eagle is the symbol of Langkawi and you can see them literally flying everywhere.

We all visit the supermarket to stock up on some local products. I love having that 30kg free baggage allowance. Before we arrive at Langkawi Airport, we quickly stop at a sea cucumber factory. Here they make ointments that apparently are good for everything, for all kinds of aches and wounds and I decide I might as well buy a few jars ;-).

And then it is time for our return flight to Kuala Lumpur. With heavy hearts we leave beautiful Langkawi. Our flight to Kuala Lumpur goes smoothly and at Langkawi airport we have some time to wander around the shops and at midnight we board another plane and fly back to Schiphol, Amsterdam.

This impressive study trip through Malaysia has come to an end! Conclusion: Malaysia surprised me in such a positive way! It is a versatile country where there is so much to see and experience. The mainland is easy to combine with a trip to Borneo or other islands such as Penang and Langkawi. But there are many more islands that are worth a visit!

The infrastructure in the country is excellent and certainly the mainland is very suitable for travelling independently by car. The roads are great and that also applies to the facilities along the way such as roadside restaurants, toilets, etc. But a group tour with guides such as Giles and Mr. Loh is highly recommended. I have seen so many beautiful things along the way and I especially enjoyed their stories, tips and things worth knowing.

Malaysia, you are truly a different kind of Asia!

Travel Blog by Elisabeth, One Lucky Traveller

October 29, 2014

Author: Travel Planet Lisette

Once a Traveller, Always a Traveller Amateur photographer who loves to travel our beautiful planet

2 thoughts on “Malaysia: Langkawi”

  1. Wow, more beautiful places in Malaysia. When I travelled to Malaysia for the first time I wasn’t able to explore that much since we only had limited time. I’m thinking of going there this coming July and I’ll definitely add Langkawi on my itinerary.


    1. Time is always limited 🙂 but I know I would love to go back as well. I really enjoyed my time in Malaysia and Langkawi to me was the perfect ending to an amazing trip. Elisabeth

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