About One Lucky Traveller


“Every time I have been fortunate to make an amazing trip, to a destination that is on my bucket list, 3 more destinations are added to that same list. There is always a next destination to wish for!”

Whether I am on a holiday or on an educational trip (the amazing gift for being a travel agent), I enjoy all my journeys (close to home or far away, short break or long holiday)! When I travel, I feel alive, I live, I experience, I see, I learn, I explore, I discover, I taste, I enjoy… and so much more. Travelling is an extraordinary gift for the mind and the soul! So, if you are in good health, you have time and the means to travel, then please do so (of course you only travel when it is safe and possible).

If for what ever reason I cannot travel any more, I will still feel blessed with all I have seen and done so far and of course there is the journey in life that still goes on.

I count my blessings every day and I enjoy the simple pleasures the most.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you get inspired to travel and if you are not able to travel, at least you can go on a virtual trip; that is what I do too, almost every day for a few minutes! 

Elisabeth (Lisette), Once a Traveller, Always a Traveller

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